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The prevailing trend of spreading ‘negativity; from morning till night by media - social, electronic and print, is really worrisome. It needs to be countered by spreading ‘positivity’ as innumerable ‘good deeds / activities’ are also happening across the country which go unnoticed and unreported. There are 732 districts in India as on 2019. Veterans India intends organising on an average, 20 events every day across the country which comes to approximately 10 events per district in a year. The events will be organised by the District President of Veterans India with assistance from the Veterans India State units. The Central Team of Veterans India will participate in these events by deputing a representative as well as by providing necessary financial assistance.

The concept is to make the youth and children, ‘the future of this country’, aware of the sacrifices made by millions of Indians to achieve freedom and the recurring cost in the form of ‘Martyred Soldiers’, which numbers approximately 200 annually. Aim is to inculcate ‘Nationalism and Patriotism’ and make them a responsible, conscientious ‘citizen’ of the country..