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Disabled population in India is approx. 30 million. Among the disabled population 56% population are males and 44% are females. Majority (69%) of this population resides in rural area. Unfortunately approx. 50% of the disabled population is illiterate or literate with below primary level. The facilities created by Govt / NGO’s are limited. Large number of disabled citizens need financial assistance to even earn their daily livelihood. The destitute senior citizens number too is on the increase with breaking up of joint family systems and unwillingness / non availability of children to take care of their ageing parents.

We have allocated 10% of the donations being collected from the patriotic citizens to address the above mentioned twin issues. This money will also be utilised to assist disabled soldiers financially, who are living in penury. The case of Naik Satbir is just one out of tens of thousands of such cases, as every year approx. 500 soldiers get added to this family of disabled. This disability is caused both due to operational reasons and climatic conditions, especially in Siachen Glacier and other High Altitude Areas..